If you are a Nigerian, we all know it’s no news that we are in the raining season. It’s comes along with the cold weather, muddy roads, wet environment and endless drizzles. If you are reading this I will give you 5 ways you can prepare for a journey (short or long) in this season.

Always go out with an umbrella

It’s the raining season, we should all know it can rain anytime even when we least expect it. One of the top ways you can prepare for the rain is to always have an umbrella with you; probably in your car, a small umbrella in your handbag where you can reach it easily.

Always listen to the weather forecast every morning

Most Nigerians disregard the use and importance of weather forecasts. To be factual it saves a lot. It will give you an Idea of how the days weather will be. When it could probably rain. If you don’t have time to listen to weather forecasts you can download weather apps on your phone. It will help you plan your day and stay dry or move along with a cardigan or sweater.

Learn to take it

I don’t need to explain the brutality Nigerians who are walking face from fellow Nigerians who are driving. The water splashes. Well, as we all have no chills when it’s raining, and we are all rushing to get home, there will be splashes and spills all over your cloth. So, learn to take it instead of yelling and cursing.

Consider others

If you are driving and you see a fellow man walking in the rain you can consider slowing down so you won’t splash mud all over him.

Wear good shoes

This is important as it can save you from falling each time it rains. If you are not wearing good shoes you might slip off while walking on the road and fall in the mud. So, my advice is for you to wear good shoes with firm grips. You


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