Ubi Franklin talks about the time he almost committed Suicide

by Oluwatoba Olalekan | November 29, 2017 1:30 pm

Music mogul and serial entrepreneur Ubi Franklin who is also the estranged husband of Nollywood actress Lilian Esoro has divulged some deep secrets in a a yet to be released interview with MTVbase.

The CEO of Instant Pick up service who seems to have finally moved on from the hurt of losing his relationship with Lilian revealed during the course of the interview that he almost took his own life!

According to Ubi, he lost a couple or partnerships in this past year that had some serious negative effects on his life, one of it was his relationship with Tekno which affected him more than the loss of his wife.
For a long time after his break up, Ubi displayed serious interest in winning his wife back but Lilian was not forthcoming, this made Ubi decide to move on with his life and thank God for his son.
Meanwhile, the reason for the break up is still unclear and this is hopefully one of the areas the interview focused on for closure.

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